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We can't always make a fresh batch of barbecue sauce for every occasion, so every now and then you'll want to reach for a good, fresh tasting, flavourful bottled barbecue sauce. There's no shortage of bbq sauces out there, so here are a few of my favourites (and not so favourites) to help you out.

The ratings and comments here are my own based on my tastes (see sidebar at right).


Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue SauceSweet Baby Ray's is one of our favorite go-to readily-available bottled barbecue sauces. I esc\pecially like this sauce on baby back ribs and my wife loves to put on chicken.

While Sweet Baby Rays has no heat to it, it does have a pleasing zest in terms of non-hot spices. It also has that tang to it that I really like and that is why it goes so well with baby back ribs. When I use a bottled sauce on my Ribfest-style Ribs, Sweet Baby Rays is most often the one I reach for.

This is the company's original barbecue sauce and it is still a winner as far as I am concerned. The sauce blends together a nice amount of sweetness to go with the tang and when you combine it with ribs that have some brown sugar on them, the results are fantastic. Bark made with Sweet Baby Rays is sure to please your critics. Brush it on during the last 15 minutes of your cook and then add a bit more just before serving.

I give a thumbs up to this Chicago-based company. Don't be afraid to try the other sauces in their line-up as well -- there are a few other winners there too.

MHF: 0. MTQ: 8.

Bull's Eye Bold Original

Bull's Eye Bold OriginalAnother commercial barbecue sauce that can be found in just about every Canadian supermarket is the Bull's Eye brand of sauces. Distributed by Kraft, the Bull's Eye sauces are definitely a cut above the "regular" Kraft Barbecue Sauce. Bull's Eye sauces come in at least 10 different flavor combinations and most of the ones that I have tried are pretty good.

Bull's Eye sauces typically have moderately bold flavors and good consistency, which make them a worthy sauce to buy for your everyday barbecue and grilling needs. The Bold Original sauce being reviewed here is a good all-around sauce that has a bit of a spice to it and a nice flavor.

I have tried this one on ribs and find that it's not as tangy as Sweet Baby Ray's for that use, but as a general sauce to use with chicken or beef -- or for dipping -- Bull's Eye Bold Original shouldn't leave anyone with a bad taste in their mouth.

MHF: 1. MTQ: 6.5.

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